The Lost Letter by Jillian Cantor


Release Date: June 13, 2017

Kate Nelson grew up with a father who was an avid stamp collector.  He is currently in a nursing home, and Kate decides to take his large collection to be appraised. During the review an unusual Austrian World War II stamp on a sealed letter is discovered. Kate, along with the appraiser, investigate the history behind the stamp and the origins of the letter.

Kristoff grew up in an Austrian orphanage and is an apprentice at a stamp engraver in 1938. His employer, the Farber family, are deeply religious Jews.  Kristoff works hard to learn his trade and does his best to assimilate into the local way of life. He becomes very attached to the family, especially one of the daughters named Elena. When the Nazi invasion makes it to their small town, Kristoff’s skills and allegiances are challenged as he is asked to design stamps for the Nazi party.

This historical novel is about love and survival during World War II. It alternates between stories set in 1989, Los Angeles and 1938, Austria. It is a touching book about sacrifice and resilience. Jillian Cantor does a wonderful job of blending two time periods together in this beautiful book.




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  1. I can’t wait to read this book. I save interesting stamps. After my grandfather passed away, I got some old post cards from when he was in the war and some with stamps on them. They are my special ones. Unfortunately one is a nazi stamp which is revolting, but I still kept it because it came on one of the cards and if my grandfather saved it, there must have been a reason.

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