The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine


Release Date: October 17, 2017

Amber Patterson is envious of Daphne Parrish who is a rich socialite living in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The two women have never met but Amber develops an obsession with her wonderful lifestyle.  Daphne has a rich and handsome husband, two beautiful daughters, full time staff, interesting acquaintances and is president of her own foundation.  Amber has few of these attributes and is jealous that someone else gets to live such a great lifestyle. She is fed up with her current environment and decides to make drastic changes. She extensively researches the Parrish family so that she can find a way to befriend them and enter their lives.

Amber moves from Missouri to Connecticut and creates a new identity.  She helps Daphne with her foundation’s fundraiser and the two ladies become friends.  She becomes a fixture at their dinners and they spend their weekends and holidays together. Amber’s plan seems to be working and she starts her scheme to become the new Mrs. Parrish.

The story is told from both Amber’s and Daphne’s points of view. The book has many twists and turns as each secret is revealed.  It’s a fun read that is difficult to put down. This novel was written by a team of sisters (Lynne and Valerie) under the name Liv Constantine.


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