The Night Before by Wendy Walker


Release Date: May 14, 2019

Laura Lochner was left emotionally depleted by her last relationship. The breakup left her devastated and lacking closure after it ended abruptly. In an effort to move forward she decides to move back to Connecticut where she will live with her sister’s family. Rosie has always been there to support Laura and she was instrumental in guiding her through a tough adolescence.

Laura goes out one evening to meet a man she connected with on a dating site. When she doesn’t return, her sister and brother-in-law fear for the worst. Together they begin to dissect Laura’s life for clues about her disappearance.

“The Night Before” is narrated from both sister’s voices and the plot twists will keep you wondering about the outcome.  The pace of this book is fast and will keep you focused while you try to predict the conclusion. This intense thriller by Wendy Walker is a must read for 2019!


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