The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott


Release Date: April 23, 2019

Ailsa Calder has returned to her childhood home in Scotland after her mother’s death. She is currently living in London with a job as a successful news producer.  Her mother has left her half of the house while the other half still belongs to her father, who has been missing for twenty- seven years. Ailsa has not visited for many years and plans to return to London as soon as possible.

Ailsa’s goal is to sell the home but she is lacking her father’s current location or a death certificate. His disappearance has always been a mystery and there are rumors that he left town after a sizable theft.  Ailsa starts her search by questioning the local residents but they are unhelpful and make her feel very unwelcome. At the same time, strange occurrences happen at the house making her stay even more uncomfortable.

The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott is an interesting mixture of mystery/ suspense with a splash of family dysfunction. This is the second book that I have read from the author and she does not disappoint.


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