Master Class by Christina Dalcher


Release Date: April 21, 2020

Elena Fairchild is a teacher in a futuristic world where her own children are in the school system. Her husband Malcolm works for the department of education and is instrumental in overseeing change. The current system uses a standard measurement to evaluate the potential of students called the Quotient (Q). It is a standardized test score where each student’s progress is calculated and measured. Those achieving high Q’s attend top tier schools with rewarding futures, and those with the lowest tests Q’s are sent to a federal boarding school.

Elena’s youngest daughter, Freddie, is nine and performed terribly on her recent test. Her Q score deteriorated so far that her parents were notified that she will be sent away to the federal boarding school. Malcolm believes in the system and feels his own family should not be exempt.  Elena becomes unhinged at the thought of losing her daughter but fighting the system will lead to the end of her career and marriage.

Master Class by Christina Dalcher is a suspenseful dystopian novel. It is a thought-provoking book and raises questions and concerns about social change. The tension mounts throughout the story making it exciting to read. 


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