A Shoe Story by Jane L. Rosen

Release Date: July 5, 2022

Esme Nash is graduating college and is looking forward to an exciting life in New York City. She plans to live with her boyfriend and has secured a job at an art gallery. Her plans are abruptly halted when her parents are in an accident and she has to return to upstate New York to care for her ailing father.

Years later, Esme is offered a temporary job as a dog sitter at an apartment in New York City. Esme takes the job because she is curious about living in NYC and the opportunities that she left behind. One goal is to reconnect and reestablish a friendship with her former boyfriend. Her daily dog walks bring insights into her new home as she starts developing unlikely friendships. Esme comes to terms with the life and the career that she forfeited and is left wondering if they will be a part of her future.

A Shoe Story by Jane L Rosen is a wonderful story about friendship, regret, and second chances. I enjoyed Esme’s honesty and vulnerability as she struggles to figure out her next path in life. 

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