$2.99 on Kindle & Ibook – The Sound of Gravel (today only)


I am reposting my review from April 2016- this book is $2.99 today on kindle and ibook platforms. I post these discounts to the Suzy Approved Facebook page. You can follow my reviews there as well.


Did you ever wonder about those who were raised in a polygamist community? The Sound of Gravel by Ruth Wariner is a firsthand account of a child growing up in a colony in rural Mexico. Ruth’s father was the founding prophet of the colony but he died when she was young leaving her to be raised by the textbook “evil” stepfather.

Her family lives in an unfinished house lacking indoor plumbing, electricity with no means of communication. The home is in such disrepair because her mother remarried a man who is neglectful. Ruth’s family is forced to cross the border into the US to collect welfare benefits every month.

Adults are painted as neglectful and self-serving. For example, Ruth’s education was shortened because her mother needed help with the siblings. There were times that the children are left unattended for days with no adult supervision.

I read the book in two days and it gave me real insight to the issues that the author faced and how she came out on the other side. A sad book, but definitely worth your time.


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