Sister Stardust by Jane Green

Release Date: April 5, 2022

Claire is a young woman living at home in a small town in 1960’s England. It isn’t the ideal living arrangement since she has never gotten along with her stepmother and yearns for her independence.  She seeks the excitement that London offers based on stories from her older brother about the nightlife and meeting famous musicians.

After a fight with her stepmother, Claire is kicked out and decides to move to London where she quickly embraces the local nightlife.  Through a series of events, Claire ends up traveling to Morocco with friends to stay at the palace of the super-wealthy John Paul Getty, Jr. Getty’s wife, Talitha, is notorious for hosting huge parties and where glamorous people mingle. At first, Claire is unsure of herself, the Getty’s, and the unusual setting. Quickly, these worries vanish as a deep friendship forms with Talitha and she becomes privy to her secrets. As time goes by and troubling situations develop, Claire will have to decide if her new friends and lifestyle is an improvement from her humble roots.

Sister Stardust by Jane Green was an engaging and wonderful novel. I enjoyed being transported back in time and being introduced to the Getty’s. The characters and plots are all wonderfully integrated.  I impatiently wait for another book in this genre from Jane Green.

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  1. This sounds interesting- I don’t remember Jane writing a historical novel before. Looking forward to reading it!


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