The Wild Birds by Emily Strelow

Release Date: March 13, 2018 This novel is a collection of stories that are all connected by a silver box that holds egg shells from birds. The box is held by many people during its’ century-long journey.  One holder is Olive who was given the box in 1870 while her mother was ill. After her death, she travels to San Francisco to live with her … Continue reading The Wild Birds by Emily Strelow

A Matter Of Chance by Julie Maloney

Release Date: April 10, 2018 Maddy Stewart, a single mother, is on vacation at the Jersey shore with her eight-year-old daughter Vinni. While walking along the beach she spots her elderly neighbors while the husband is having a medical emergency.  Maddy leaves her daughter with the wife to call for help. When she returns, both her daughter and the wife are gone. Fixated on finding … Continue reading A Matter Of Chance by Julie Maloney

The Sugarhouse Blues by Mariah Stewart

Release Date: May 15, 2018 The Hudson sisters want to collect their share of their father’s estate.  To collect their inheritance, Allie, Des, and Cara are obligated to work together and renovate the family’s theatre. They have all combined forces and are living temporarily at their aunt’s home in Hidden Falls, Pennsylvania. Unforeseen problems have put them over budget and recent storm damage has pushed … Continue reading The Sugarhouse Blues by Mariah Stewart

Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage

Release Date: July 17, 2018 Suzette is homeschooling her seven-year-old daughter Hanna. She is out of options after Hanna is expelled from numerous schools. Her daughter is highly intelligent but has severe behavioral issues and rarely speaks. Her behavior is uneven with most of the volatility directed towards her mother.  When her father is around she is well behaved and loving. Hanna adores her father … Continue reading Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage

I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi

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Release date: January 31, 2017 Book Blurb from Maddy is a devoted stay-at-home wife and mother, host of excellent parties, giver of thoughtful gifts, and bestower of a searingly perceptive piece of advice or two. She is the cornerstone of her family, a true matriarch…until she commits suicide, leaving her husband Brady and teenage daughter Eve heartbroken… Continue reading I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi

Limelight by Amy Poeppel

Release Date: May 1, 2018 The Brinkley family of five has just relocated to New York City from Dallas, Texas.  Allison’s husband was offered a promotion and the whole family was excited to try something new.  Their new home in a small cramped apartment seems a small sacrifice for this golden opportunity.  Collectively, they anticipate a few stumbles after leaving behind lifelong friends and a … Continue reading Limelight by Amy Poeppel

Flying At Night By Rebecca L. Brown

Release Date: April 10, 2018 Piper Hart has a nine-year-old boy named Fred. She is a stay at home mom and her lawyer husband Isaac works long hours. Piper is very close to her son and overlooks his obsessive peculiarities and deficient social skills. After a conference at Fred’s school, she realizes that Fred’s issues could be serious. She will put him through a series … Continue reading Flying At Night By Rebecca L. Brown

The Husband Hour By Jamie Brenner

Release Date: April 24, 2018 Lauren Adelman and Rory Kincaid were high school sweethearts. Rory was an all-star hockey player who was heavily recruited by colleges while Lauren worked on the school newspaper. The two were always together and they finally married after Rory got drafted by the NHL. Unfortunately, his hockey career stalled early on and he found himself unemployed.  With few options, Rory … Continue reading The Husband Hour By Jamie Brenner