The Homewreckers by Mary Kay

Release Date: May 3, 2022 Hattie Cavanaugh is the kind of woman who pulls herself up by her bootstraps when she gets knocked down. At 18 years old, she left her small Catholic girls school in Savannah, Georgia and began working for the Cavanaugh & Sons construction company, and not long after, she married the Cavanaugh’s son, Hank. Only a few short years later, Hattie … Continue reading The Homewreckers by Mary Kay

Deconstructed by Liz Talley

Release Date: February 1, 2022 Cricket Crosby seems to have an idyllic southern lifestyle – a wonderful daughter, a loving and well-respected husband, a successful antique business, and, as with most close-knit southern towns, an efficient rumor circuit. However, when idle gossip turns to Cricket’s own husband having an affair, she soon discovers some rumors are based in truth and must act fast to untangle … Continue reading Deconstructed by Liz Talley

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

Release Date: March 1, 2022 Katy’s entire world feels like it has fallen apart after her mother Carol dies. Their relationship was much more than just mother and daughter – Carol was her best friend, her steadfast advisor, and the center of her life. After a long struggle with cancer, Katy’s mother seemed to be far removed from the woman to be reckoned with that … Continue reading One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

Sister Stardust by Jane Green

Release Date: April 5, 2022 Claire is a young woman living at home in a small town in 1960’s England. It isn’t the ideal living arrangement since she has never gotten along with her stepmother and yearns for her independence.  She seeks the excitement that London offers based on stories from her older brother about the nightlife and meeting famous musicians. After a fight with … Continue reading Sister Stardust by Jane Green

It Takes Heart by Tif Marcelo

Release Date: August 10, 2021  The Heart Resort is a private couples resort in the Outer Banks of North Carolina owned by a Filipino-American family, the Pusos. After a hurricane shuts the business down, the youngest Puso sibling Brandon decides to return to helpout. After working as a contractor in the DC area for years, he finally decides to make up with his eldest brother … Continue reading It Takes Heart by Tif Marcelo

Fox & I An Uncommon Friendship by Catherine Raven

Release Date: July 6, 2021  What is the importance of one single red fox in the expansive Wilderness outside of Glacier National Park? To most, this fox would just be a passing moment of observing wildlife in action, but not to a young woman who recently completed her doctoral degree in biology. After completing her formal education, Catherine Raven set out to establish a homestead … Continue reading Fox & I An Uncommon Friendship by Catherine Raven

The Family Plot by Megan Collins

Release Date: August 17, 2021  Dahlia Lighthouse’s upbringing was far from typical, and even as a 26-year-old woman she is still grappling with it. The Lighthouse family resides in a secluded mansion on an island with a sinister history. Over the past couple of decades, women have washed ashore the rocky beaches of Blackburn Island in ice blue dresses, each death attributed to the small … Continue reading The Family Plot by Megan Collins