It Takes Heart by Tif Marcelo

Release Date: August 10, 2021 

The Heart Resort is a private couples resort in the Outer Banks of North Carolina owned by a Filipino-American family, the Pusos. After a hurricane shuts the business down, the youngest Puso sibling Brandon decides to return to helpout. After working as a contractor in the DC area for years, he finally decides to make up with his eldest brother and use his professional expertise to make up for lost time.

However, Brandon encounters something unexpected when he arrives at the resort, his older sister’s best friend Geneva Harris. Years ago at a family wedding, Brandon and Geneva discovered an unexpected spark between them that led to an intense but brief secret romance that ended with both of them heart broken. But now the family needs them to work together to fix up the resort for its reopening before the latest hurricane barrels through the Outer Banks. With Brandon leading construction and Geneva doing the design, everyone notices how well they work together. But will their spark lead them to more hidden heartache, or will this second chance turn into something more?

It Takes Heart is full of family drama and secrets which set the stage for a feel-good romance centered on two young  Filipino-Americans. This story will warm your heart with touching family moments and a coming into your own tale. With Filipino culture mixed in, this book creates a compelling combination of appreciating personal history and making way for a brighter future. This is the first book in the Heart Resort series.