Fox & I An Uncommon Friendship by Catherine Raven

Release Date: July 6, 2021

 What is the importance of one single red fox in the expansive Wilderness outside of Glacier National Park? To most, this fox would just be a passing moment of observing wildlife in action, but not to a young woman who recently completed her doctoral degree in biology. After completing her formal education, Catherine Raven set out to establish a homestead on an isolated plot of land in Montana. While teaching field classes in Yellowstone National Park, she built a tiny cottage and became her own rugged land baron. 

During this period of social isolation to gear up for entering “the real world,” she notices that a creature has become a regular visitor near her cottage. Every afternoon, a scrawny and quiet fox appears to admire forget-me-nots and sunbathe on a block of limestone. When no one else is around, a visitor of any kind, especially a mysterious and inquisitive fox, deserves attention and consideration as a potential peer. Catherine approaches the fox one afternoon by sharing one of her favorite books with him, The Little Prince. Although careful not to humanize Fox, she begins to consider him a friend as he reveals his personality and teaches her new things about the Wilderness they both call home.

Fox and I by Catherine Raven is a memoir of a true friendship between a woman and a fox that celebrates the connection between humanity and the natural world. Filled with beautiful imagery of the American landscape, this book touches on the philosophy of friendship, anthropomorphism, and our connection to nature.