Reef Road by Deborah Goodrich Royce

Release Date : January 10, 2023

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, two young brothers sneak onto the closed shore of Palm Beach for a surf session. Although they think they are alone, a middle-aged woman is watching as they make a horrible discovery – a severed human hand with a wedding band. In this beach paradise nothing is as pristine as it seems.

Nearby, the facade of perfection in a young wife’s life falls apart after her husband and two children disappear from home. On the same stretch of sand near Reef Road, an eccentric writer is investigating the 1948 murder of her mother’s childhood best friend in Pennsylvania. The stories of the local, lonely writer obsessed with true crime and the young distraught wife collide as the world is shutting down. But who could this hand possibly belong to and what will it mean for the wife and writer? 

Switching between the perspective of the wife and the writer, Reef Road is full of unexpected twists and surprising connections. The thread connecting the characters and events becomes stronger as the story progresses but will keep you guessing until the end. With plenty of reality woven into this work of fiction, it reads like a real-life mystery. 

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