The Homewreckers by Mary Kay

Release Date: May 3, 2022

Hattie Cavanaugh is the kind of woman who pulls herself up by her bootstraps when she gets knocked down. At 18 years old, she left her small Catholic girls school in Savannah, Georgia and began working for the Cavanaugh & Sons construction company, and not long after, she married the Cavanaugh’s son, Hank. Only a few short years later, Hattie lost Hank in a motorcycle accident, but she poured her heartbreak into building their dream business of restoring and flipping rundown historic homes.

After a restoration that required a large investment of time and money flops, Hattie is approached by tv producer Mo Lopez with a project that can solve all her troubles and help her repay her beloved in-laws. Mo casts Hattie as the star of a new beach house renovation show, “The Homewreckers,” where she can do what she loves and make up for the losses from her failed project. But the show has a twist, she must work alongside an LA designer who has potential to be a love interest or a villain. On top of it all, the house purchased for the first season of Homewreckers has its own secrets that Hattie must manage along with a strict deadline from the tv network. Will she be able to deliver on the project and discover love again? 

The Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrews has a host of endearing characters, unexpected mysteries, and lots of Savannah charm to make this a great summer read. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into the world of home renovation tv while uncovering a whodunnit tale simultaneously.