The Family Plot by Megan Collins

Release Date: August 17, 2021 

Dahlia Lighthouse’s upbringing was far from typical, and even as a 26-year-old woman she is still grappling with it. The Lighthouse family resides in a secluded mansion on an island with a sinister history. Over the past couple of decades, women have washed ashore the rocky beaches of Blackburn Island in ice blue dresses, each death attributed to the small island’s namesake murderer, the Blackburn Killer. Dahlia’s parents kept her and their three other children isolated from the small community while educating them with a very unusual homeschool curriculum – true crime. The dark subject of the Lighthouses’ education made the other islander’s suspicious of the family sparking the rumor that they lived in “Murder Mansion” and practiced satanic rituals. 

However, the darkest part of the Lighthouse family’s story was what haunted Dahlia the most, the disappearance of her twin brother Andy just before their 16th birthday. Andy had always said their family was unnatural, and when he disappeared Dahlia was left reeling. Ten years later, the three remaining Lighthouse children finally return to Blackburn after their father’s death only to have events take an even darker turn. When their father’s grave in the family plot is being dug, it is discovered that a body is already buried there. The entire family is shocked to learn that it was Andy and he had been murdered ten years ago.

A haunting and gruesome story, The Family Plot by Megan Collins is filled with suspense and shocking discoveries. It will immerse you in the eerie atmosphere of Blackburn Island as Dahlia uncovers the truth behind her family’s past and the death of her twin.