The Secret Life Of Mrs. London by Rebecca Rosenberg


Release Date: January 30, 2018

Charmaine London is the wife of the Jack London, the famous writer of adventure stories. Charmaine has been essential to Jack’s success providing edits and motivating him to keep to a schedule. She has put her writing career on hold to help him succeed but has received little acknowledgment from the literary community or her husband. She struggles to balance her love for Jack and her own desire for achievement.

One evening, the Londons see Harry Houdini perform onstage. Charmaine is pulled out of the audience as a volunteer which was a typical ploy with attractive women. A bond forms while she is introduced to Bessie Houdini, and details about their complicated marriage are revealed. Harry Houdini showers her with affection and she starts to realize what’s been missing from her own relationship.

This is a historical look at the life of Jack London as seen through the eyes of his wife. We get to witness the highs and lows of his career and gather some understanding of their complicated marriage. This is well-researched debut novel by Rebecca Rosenberg.



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    Sounds so good…thanks for sharing.

    BTW…I am reading Camille Di Maio’s newest book and loving it. I hope you get to read it. Thanks for alerting me to BEFORE THE RAIN FALLS. 🙂

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