Another Side Of Paradise by Sally Koslow


Release Date: May 29, 2018

Sheilah Graham was a popular gossip columnist covering Hollywood stars in the late 1930’s. She moved to America and assumed a new name to hide her poverty-stricken background. At the same time, F. Scott Fitzgerald was working in California developing movie scripts while struggling to write his next novel.  His wife, Zelda, was away at a psychiatric hospital and he was fighting to stay sober.

Sheilah and Fitzgerald met at a party an embark on a tumultuous love affair. She understood his shortcomings and insecurities while accepting that he would not divorce his ill wife. He provided her with security and resources to enhance her career. They become a couple and their relationship continued through some tough times and both were forced to disclose some deep secrets.

I found this historical fiction novel by Sally Koslow fascinating and did not want the book to end. The book is presented from Sheila’s point of view and the dialogue brings you back in time.  ”Another Side Of Paradise”  is about an exciting love affair that develops into a complex relationship between two talented people.  This was the first book that I read by the author, and it will not be my last.