Tiffany Blues by M.J. Rose


Release Date: August 7, 2018

Jenny Bell keeps deep secrets about herself and her deceased family in the 1920s. Her teen years were problematic because of the abusive treatment by her stepfather.  Jenny decides to move far from her demons and enrolls in art school in New York City.

Minx Deering, a fun-loving art student, befriends Jenny at school. Minx is a rich socialite who is very generous. The two become roommates allowing Jenny the ability to save money on rent. A deep friendship develops with a common goal to spend the summer in Paris. They are both chosen to attend an art retreat at the Laurelton Hall which is owned by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Jenny spends time on her art and at the same time begins to explore her feelings about her past.

Tiffany Blues is historical fiction with a mixture of romance and mystery. Once you start this book you will find yourself immersed in this story written by M.J. Rose.

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