Not For Nothing by Kathy Curto


Release Date: December 11, 2018

Kathy Curto gives readers a glimpse into her New Jersey childhood from the 1970s. ”Not For Nothing” is a collection of memories as viewed from the youngest daughter in an Italian – American family. Kathy’s father owned a gas station while her mother tended the house while watching over her children. Her parent’s relationship was volatile and was fueled by the stress related to her brother’s drug use.

”Not For Nothing” is a memoir that consists of short humorous vignettes that reflect slices of the author’s life experiences. Items and places mentioned in the book were very relatable to my own childhood. I chuckled at the mention of the Ground Round restaurant where peanut shells could be thrown on the floor, and eating Quisp cereal for breakfast.

This is an enjoyable debut novel.