American Princess by Stephanie Marie Thornton


Release Date: March 12, 2019

Theodore Roosevelt’s election launched his eldest daughter into the national spotlight. Alice became America’s sweetheart and her dress styles were copied and sold using her name. During her father’s presidency, she was constantly followed by the press and she often rebelled with her headstrong and non- conforming personality.

Alice’s life started with a tragedy when her mother died two days after childbirth. When her father was unable to cope, she was looked after by his sister. Teddy soon remarried which introduced a stepmother and new siblings into her life.  

This story is a realistic view of Alice’s life as she progresses through failed relationships, politics and her frustrations over having to share her father with the world.  This well-researched novel examines the life of a progressive woman who walked to her own beat and lived life to the fullest. I really enjoyed ”American Princess” by Stephanie Marie Thornton.