Code Girls by Liza Mundy


Paperback Release: 10/2/18

Beginning in 1941 secret letters were sent across the country to women attending college requesting their service for the war effort. Tens of thousands of women from prestigious northeastern colleges, southern teaching schools, and many other walks of life answered the calls of the U.S Navy and Army to serve as code breakers during World War II.

These unsung heroes left their small-towns, big cities, and families behind to work on their secret mission – one which would help win the war. Sworn to secrecy, many never divulged their wartime efforts. This tale of history, science, and patriotism follows the personal and professional lives of these women. Rich in detail and highly researched, Code Girls gives everyone a deep look into the secret work of code breaking during the second great war.

Liza Mundy is the bestselling author of The Richer Sex and Michelle: A Biography and a former reporter for the Washington Post. Mundy delivers inspiring accounts of the women involved in the uncelebrated effort of code breaking, which saved countless American lives. Vivid details of these women’s lives makes this a touching and interesting read.


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