The Dragon Lady by Louisa Treger



Release Date:  August 13, 2019

In her lush Rhodesian garden in the 1950s, Lady Virginia Courtauld was mysteriously shot. This begins a tale of intrigue, romance, and history centered around this event. Ginie Courtauld had been an outcast many times in her life, but someone has escalated actions beyond ostracizing into a more dangerous realm.

Ginie’s life has taken her from the Italian Riviera to the reconstruction of Eltham Palace until her family and history as a foreign divorcée leaves her longing for a new start. Stephen and Ginie set out to create a new life in Rhodesia but find leaving post-war Britain has not solved their issues. Now, the couple finds themselves amidst tense race relations and political conflicts in an unfamiliar place.

Weaving fact and fiction together, The Dragon Lady tells the story of a vivacious and enigmatic woman’s life. Spanning four decades, this novel vividly depicts the characters and their motivations as well as the setting. Louisa Treger delivers an absorbing read which tackles big issues including race, love, injustice, and the status quo.