The House Children by Heidi Daniele


Release Date: April 9, 2019

Mary Margaret Joyce was born at the Tuam Home in Ireland. This institution was one of the few options for unwed mothers during the 1930s.  Abandoned by her mother, she spends time in foster care until moving to an industrial boarding school at age five. There she was renamed Peg because too many children were already named Mary. She learns skills at the industrial school and eventually develops deep bonds with a group of friends. Her simple life takes a turn when she discovers she was placed there as an illegitimate child. 

By accident, Peg finds out the identity of her birth mother. She is both angry and sad that she missed out on being raised in a loving home and struggles on how to move forward. Peg slowly begins to understand the shame of an unwed mother during this period and makes moves to mend her broken ties.  

The House Children is a debut novel by Heidi Daniele. This book is based on real events, giving a glimpse into Irish life during a conservative period. I am hoping this story sprouts a sequel.  

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