A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara



This novel is about four friends who met in college, and later move to NYC. The book follows them from their 20’s into their late 40’s. I enjoyed watching the characters evolve and their friendships grow and change over 3 decades.

As a reviewer, I am truly mixed on how I feel about this book. The book was well written and it made me think. The subject matter at times was brutal and required me to put the book down. However, there are relatable themes in this book about friendships, relationships, loneliness, success, and aging.

I also felt it was dragging towards the end and the book was 150 pages too long. I also felt too much time was spent on the central character while some of the more interesting ones were not developed enough.


This one won’t be for everyone but I’m glad I got through it.



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