The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian


This book was hard to put down! I read this in three days and was drawn right into the story. I do not want to give away any spoilers, so this review will be brief.

Richard’s younger brother, Philip, is going to be married so Richard offers up his house to host the bachelor party. Philip is very different from his brother in that he is self-absorbed.   One of his friends makes some bad choices when hiring the entertainment, leading to a suburban tragedy.

The book is fast paced and gripping. The book is narrated by most of the characters, including those hired for the party.

I enjoyed how the characters explore their feelings of love, marriage, family, trust, remorse, shame and humiliation. I felt for everyone as the events turned, and I could empathize with their pain. Their lives are forever changed.

I didn’t love the ending but overall it was a great read.

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