The Weight of Him by Ethel Rohan


Book Release Date: February 14, 2017

My Review:

Billy Brennan has worked as an inspector at a toy manufacturing company for twenty years. His family is grieving the recent suicide of their eldest son Michael. He was only seventeen years old when he took his own life and he did not leave a note.  

Billy weighs 401 pounds and has had difficulty with obesity throughout his life. He has been warned by his doctor that he is unhealthy and will face future medical issues if he does not change his lifestyle. Using grief as a motivator, he organizes a fundraiser raiser for suicide prevention.   His stated goal is to lose 200 pounds which is half his body weight. While this project helps Billy work through his issues, it disconnects him from his wife, parents and children.

Billy seeks to take back control of his life in places that he has previously ignored.  His progress is gradual and inconsistent as he continues to address the flaws he has suppressed during his life.  The author handles the subject of obesity delicately and gracefully.