Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough


Release Date: January 31 , 2017

My Review:

Louise is a divorced mother working as an assistant in a psychiatrist’s office. On a night out, she meets a gentleman in a bar, they share drinks, a connection, and a kiss.  The following Monday, Louise is nervous about meeting her new boss. She is introduced to David, and is horrified.  Her new boss is the mysterious man from the bar!

A few days later after dropping her son off at school, she makes a new friend named Adele. Louise senses Adele is lonely and seeking friendship having just recently moved to town. It take Louise a while to figure out why Adele seems so familiar. She makes the connection after seeing her in a photo on David’s desk.

Louise and Adele become close friends having much in common.  They each share information and deep secrets from their pasts. As the friendship develops, Louise becomes very concerned about Adele’s welfare.

This psychological thriller is filled with twists, turns and building tension. I was quickly pulled into the story and could not put the book down.  Sarah Pinborough has delivered a fun and suspenseful read!


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