This Is Not Over by Holly Brown


Release Date: January 17, 2017

My Review:

Dawn and Rob Thiebold rent Miranda Feldt’s home in Santa Monica during their vacation. They are a young married couple on a tight budget while Dawn attends college full time. After the vacation, Dawn receives an email from Miranda stating that $200 was deducted from her security deposit to replace stained sheets.  After emails go back and forth between the two, communication decays resulting in Dawn leaving negative reviews on the rental website.

Miranda relies upon her rental income to support her drug addicted son, Thad. His father is not supporting him monetarily because he is not compliant in his drug recovery program. The negative review left on the website has Miranda unhinged and she is worried about her future revenue stream.

Tensions continue to rise between the two women after a series of insulting email exchanges.  Tempers flare and any attempt at resolution breaks down.

This is novel is told in the voices of Miranda and Dawn. It is a fast paced story where each character’s secrets are revealed. In the digital world we all have had instances where what we wrote was not what we meant. Sometimes the best choice is to pick up the phone to resolve an issue.