In Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen


Release Date: March 1, 2017

My Review:

In 1941 there is great concern in England about the war and likelihood of a German invasion. Farleigh Place is currently being used by British armed forces for its’ headquarters during WW II. Roderick Sutton, The Earl of Westerham, owns Farleigh Place and lives their with his wife and five daughters. One morning, Phoebe, the youngest of Roderick Sutton’s daughters, discovers a dead body attached to a parachute while horseback riding on her parents estate. The body was found in a British uniform with some discrepancies and no identification. There is great speculation and concern that the body could be a German spy.

Pamela Sutton, Ben Cresswell and Jeremy Prescott have been lifelong friends growing up together in Farleigh Field. Ben Creswell is assigned to investigate the potential spy activity.  Everyone, including his friends, are suspects during his investigation. His good friend Jeremy Prescott is the son of a wealthy neighboring landowner. He is currently home recovering from injuries sustained as a pilot. Pamela Sutton, one of the daughters of Roderick Sutton, decodes German messages at Bletchley Park in London. She has been working nights and has returned home on medical leave. Pamela has been in love with Jeremy since their teen years and hopes they marry after the war. The three friends are unaware of each other’s roles during the war and as events unfold their lives become more intertwined.

This historical fiction novel is layered with suspense, romance and drama. There are interesting secondary characters introduced that add value to the story. This is also a mystery and any more details would spoil the plot.  My hope is that Rhys Bowen writes a sequel to this wonderful book.

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