Almost Missed You by Jessica Strawser

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edRelease Date: March 28, 2017

My Review:

Violet and Finn are parents of a three year old boy named Bear. They drive to Florida on their first vacation as a family since Bear was born. One afternoon, Violet enjoys a few hours to herself while her husband volunteers to stay with their son. When she returns to her hotel room, she discovers that her husband and her son are missing. Violet calls the police after discovering that their car and other valuables are also gone.  Believing her marriage was secure, she struggles to understand her husband’s disappearance.

Finn sets off driving aimlessly without a plan. Needing time to figure out his next steps, he reaches Cincinnati and seeks help from his high school friend Caitlin. He demands that Caitlin hide them at her in-laws vacant cabin for a few days. Finn threatens to go public with embarrassing information that will…

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