The Cutaway by Christina Kovac


Release Date: March 21, 2017

My Review:

Virginia Knightly is a 34 year old news producer in Washington, DC.  One morning, she comes across a press release about a young attorney who is missing. Evelyn Carney was last seen eating dinner with her husband in a Georgetown restaurant.  Virginia connects the image of Evelyn to video footage from one of her TV productions.  Following her curiosity, Virginia starts to put together clues from Evelyn last few days.

The current atmosphere at Virginia’s TV station is tense after rumors of layoffs and falling ratings. Virginia becomes more immersed in Evelyn’s case after her producer demotes her to producing stories in the field.  She is perplexed to find a lack of urgency from law enforcement investigating the case. She feels that the detectives assigned to the case seem to be more concerned with Evelyn’s personal life and her possible ties to Washington politics.  Suspecting a cover- up from the police and the government, Virginia pushes herself to unravel all the loose ends.

This is a fast paced mystery interweaving politics, law enforcement and the free press.  This is a debut novel from Christina Kovac who worked for seventeen years managing and producing stories in Washington, DC newsrooms.

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