Before The Rain Falls by Camille Di Maio


Release Date: May 16, 2017

Della Lee has never spoken about the night of her sister Eula’s death. Ruled a homicide, Della was convicted of the crime and has spent the last seventy years in prison. Most of the people associated with the tragedy have passed away, including Della’s husband. Released at age ninety, Della has returned to her Texas hometown with few connections to her past.

Mick Anders is a journalist from Boston looking for a fresh story to revive his career. He is in Texas to research the origins of a church painting depicting a “crying girl”. Mick meets Paloma Vega who is back in her hometown to help her grandmother recover from a heart attack. A friendship is formed and Mick learns some details of the painting after meeting her family.  Mick is also introduced to Della who agrees to provide background information.  Della, Mick and Paloma combine their efforts and slowly unlock buried secrets.  

This novel is presented from alternate points of view with details emerging from Della’s life in prison. There is a wonderful blending of each story with smooth transitions moving towards the conclusion.  This was an engrossing novel by Camille Di Maio.

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      1. Another comment from me, but I just HAVE to tell you and everyone that this books was absolutely wonderful.

        A beautiful story with characters that will steal your heart.

        I am so glad I stopped by and found your review, Suzy.

        Thank you.

        My review and thoughts will be on my blog on Wednesday, May 17.


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    1. it is wonderful! On my fb version of the blog I posted the link to where goodreads is giving away 100 kindle versions and her first book ” The Memory of Us” , which i reviewed on the blog , is $2.00 on Amazon or digital versions in May!

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