Close Enough To Touch by Colleen Oakley


Release Date: March 7, 2017

Jubilee Jenkins has lived for twenty-seven years with a rare medical condition that keeps her from touching other people. Her symptoms are severe and she had an embarrassing incident in high school which forced her to become a recluse.  For nine years she did not leave the house and was dependent on her mother for financial support.  When her mom dies, Jubilee find herself needing money and is forced to venture outside for employment.  

Jubilee finds a job at the local library where she meets Eric Keegan and his son Aja. Recently divorced and new to town, Eric is struggling to connect to his young adopted son who has psychological issues. Jubilee and Eric connect over a shared love for reading and slowly a friendship develops between them. There is an attraction between them but Jubilee remains guarded knowing that her condition prevents a physical romance. She is coming to terms with the reality that she may never have a normal life unless she seeks experimental treatment.  

This a unique novel about stepping out of your comfort zone and taking chances. It is about learning to persevere by trying new experiences and not solving problems by hiding from them. This was a thought provoking book by Colleen Oakley.


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