The Last Days of Cafe Leila by Donia Bijan


Release Date: April 18, 2017

Noor’s life has hit a speedbump.  She works in a hospital as a nurse while raising her teenage daughter, Lily.  Years of marriage are in question after becoming aware of her husband’s infidelities.  Noor decides to take some time to evaluate her life by taking her daughter to Tehran to visit her father. She has not seen her dad or Iran since she left for California at eighteen.  

Noor’s dad runs “Cafe Leila” which has been the family business for years. It continues to serve as a social gathering place for the neighborhood.  Reunited with her father, Noor finds that that his health is failing. She begins to connect with him and develops roots to her country. She finds Iran to be a much different place from her childhood memories.

This is the story of three generations tied to Iran through changing times. It is a wonderful story about love, loss, sacrifice, and the human spirit. I look forward to Donia Bijan’s next novel.



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