Wives Of War by Soraya M. Lane


Release Date: July 1, 2017

Two British nurses volunteer to work at a battlefield hospital during World War 2. Scarlet is seeking information about her soldier fiance since his correspondence has ceased. Ellie has prior experience as a nurse and feels that she can contribute immediately to the war effort. Both women are apprehensive about the risks involved but they are determined to make a difference. Their paths converge while on a train headed to their assignment and a lifelong friendship is formed.

In France they meet Lucy, an experienced nurse who is charge of operations. At first Lucy shows no interest in developing friendships but eventually she takes the women under her wing.  While stationed in Normandy, the fighting escalates and they encounter tireless amounts of soldiers. The casualties are horrific and the working conditions are poor.  Scared that they might never make it home, they remain courageous, and rely on one another for support.

This story has a nice mix of historical fiction and romance. It shows how deep bonds can develop during the worst of times. I enjoyed this novel by Soraya M. Lane.



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