Arboria Park by Kate Tyler Wall


Release Date: May 2, 2017

Stacy Halloran is five and the youngest of four living in Arboria Park, New Jersey. She is the primarily narrator of this story which spans multiple decades. Through Stacy’s eyes we observe important cultural changes through the eras. Her quiet family community is not immune as shown through interactions with her family and neighbors.

As a young girl, Stacy was told to stay in her yard where it was considered safe from speeding cars. She often rebels and roams different parts of the neighborhood meeting people from different backgrounds. She figures out that her own family is a bit of an outlier. Her older sister Mary had to get married due to an unplanned pregnancy right after high school.  Her parents disagree with one of her brother’s lifestyle and they also dislike her other brother’s acting career.   

This story shows the gradual changes society has undergone from the ‘50’s to today.  These shifts include multiracial relationships, divorce and same sex marriages. This is a debut novel by Kate Tyler Wall.