Spare Change by Bette Lee Crosby


Olivia Westerly was not like most twenty-five year old women living in the 1920’s.  Instead of getting married and having children, she lives by herself and has a career. Olivia hated the idea of marriage and motherhood until she met Charlie Doyle at 58 years old. Deeply in love, they quickly wed and she left her job to live with him in Wyattsville.

Ethan Allen Doyle is 11 years old and lives with his parents, Benjamin and Susanna. Benjamin is Charlie Doyle’s only child but they haven’t spoken in years. The only information Ethan Allen has of his grandfather is from an annual Christmas card. His parent’s have a tumultuous relationship and they are always arguing and bickering. Susanna is unhappy and has spent her life dreaming of becoming a dancer in New York City with no support from her husband.  

Olivia and Ethan’s lives eventually collide and a cautious relationship is formed. She is faced with uncomfortable situations that force her out of her comfortable life. I enjoyed this introductory story from the series by Bette Lee Crosby.