December Girl by Nicola Cassidy


Release Date: October 26, 2017

Molly Thomas and her family have had it tough living in Ireland during the late 1800’s.  On Christmas day her family was evicted from their home by their landlord. Molly felt that the action was unjustified and her suspicions are confirmed when the dishonest man moves his family into their former home.  She is furious and plots her revenge. A series of bad incidents forces her to leave her family and move to London.  Life is tough for the young woman and she is forced to take drastic steps to survive.  

After a rough year, things improve for Molly and she gets married. One afternoon while out shopping, her baby is taken from his pram. She is desperate to find her child and exhausts herself in her search. Nobody in her community has any clues about his whereabouts, and she is worried that she might never find him.  Her search is heartbreaking and unveils more mysteries about her tough life.  

This book is a combination of historical fiction and mystery while touching on the universal theme of love. This is a debut novel by Nicola Cassidy and was inspired by true stories relating to eviction and kidnapping.



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  1. This title mainly caught my attention because I have recently finished reading a book titled ( November Girl)! I am glad that I clicked on it and read your review , which is great BTW, because this is a book that I definitely would enjoy reading!

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