Perennials by Julie Cantrell


Release Date: November 14, 2017

Eva recently celebrated her 45th birthday and has a successful career at an advertising agency in Arizona. She supports herself, teaches yoga on weekends and is slowly recovering from a bad relationship. She grew up in Mississippi but hasn’t been back since leaving for college. Eva is avoiding bad memories of a broken engagement and a volatile relationship with her sister, Bitsy.

Her parents 50th wedding anniversary is nearing and Eva receives a plea from her father to help plan the party.  It’s an odd request but he is insistent that she return home.  Eva is in the midst of landing one of the largest accounts in her career and the timing is poor. She has mixed emotions about going back to Mississippi but she acquiesces to her father’s demands.  Once home, she faces friction from her sister along with pressure from her parents to reconcile their differences. She also finds time to reconnect with childhood friends and her onetime fiancé.  Eva starts to fall back in her old habits and finds that life in Mississippi is better than expected.

Eva’s trip home as an adult enables her to view life from a different perspective.   She uncovers truths about her sister, friends, and parents.  She also learns a lot about herself and what it takes to be happy.  This novel by Julie Cantrell explores family relationships from many different angles.

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