The Crooked Path by Irma Joubert


Release Date: November 7, 2017

Lettie Low grew up in South Africa feeling inferior to her girlfriends. She didn’t possess their beauty or their slim figures.  She had many crushes on boys but was always overlooked and left heartbroken. Being the daughter of the town’s only doctor, she threw herself into her studies and joined his practice after college. She had given up on new relationships until she met a patient from Italy named Marco Romanelli.

Marco Romanelli is plagued with bouts of pneumonia which he acquired during the Nazi occupation of Italy. His brother, Antonio, currently lives in South Africa and believes that a change of climate would help his condition. Marco joins his brother and decides to seek better medical help. Marco crosses paths with Lettie when she takes him as a patient.  As she works on improving his health, she quickly realizes that he is also suffering from emotional distress due to the war.  These lonely people share many mutual friends and a deep bond starts to develop.

This historical fiction novel is set in both Italy and South Africa.  This engaging book explores the lives of two people who experience life’s challenges and detours. Some of the characters from this book can be enjoyed in Irma Joubert’s prior novel “Children Of The River”.




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