Girl On Point by Cheryl Guerriero


Release Date: May 2, 2017

Alex Campbell’s life changes after playing a high school basketball game in New Jersey.  While celebrating their victory her sister is killed at a neighboring convenience store. The crime appears to be a failed robbery but there are no witnesses and clues are lacking about the perpetrators.  As the months advance,  Alex becomes angry with the lack of progress by the police. They still don’t have any suspects. Upset with the lack of resolution, Alex decides to take matters into her own hands.

Instead of heading to basketball camp, Alex lies to her parents and spends her summer in the town where her sister died.  She meets some local gang members and slowly becomes entrenched in their lives. She finds herself bending her morals and participating in gang activities.  Alex continues to hunt for the killer but finds the power and camaraderie to be addictive. Friendships are formed and tensions build as she slowly uncovers the truth.  

This novel was a suspenseful read and takes you inside the dynamics of gang life. It is also the story about a family struggling with an emotional tragedy. Don’t miss this debut novel by Cheryl Guerriero.


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