The Long Way Home by Kevin Bannister


Release Date: September 15, 2016

Thomas Peters and Murphy Steele are plantation slaves in the late 1700’s. A friendship develops as they devised ways to escape their enslavement. Each failed attempt leads to dire consequences but they never give up.  Their perseverance pays off when they finally escape to a different life.

Their journey brings them to the British when they join the fight against the American Revolution.  They were lured to serve under the promise of freedom and land. Thomas and Murphy are successful as soldiers and evolve into leaders of the Black Brigade.  This group of soldiers is feared after many successful raids against the Colonies.  After the British are defeated, members of the Black Brigade are left with disappointment and broken promises. Forced to flee slavery again, they race to leave the country while avoiding bounty hunters, epidemic, and oppressive racism.

This book is the journey of two people who never stop fighting for freedom while faced with overwhelming adversity.  I am thrilled that the author, Kevin Bannister, is working on a sequel.




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