Dirty Wars And Polished Silver by Lynda Schuster


Release Date: July 18, 2017

Lynda Schuster is a determined teenager trying to leave her hometown of Detroit. She wants a better life than her mother who was a typical housewife in the 1970’s. Living in a climate of social change and women’s liberation, Lynda decides to make big changes to her life. She starts on her journey after graduation when she volunteers to work on a kibbutz.

Lynda eventually get a break in journalism covering agriculture in Dallas. She is successful and soon lands her dream job as a foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal. This book is the collection of her professional and personal experiences about living abroad. She travels to many hostile areas facing political uprisings and financial crisis. This creates a dangerous environment for foreigners and locals willing to cover these stories.

Lynda lived through her share of heartbreaks and tragedy but does her best to maintain her objective point of view. Despite the ups and downs of her personal life, she eventually finds stability and the joys of motherhood. I enjoyed this novel and marveled at how much determination and courage it took to report each story.







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  1. She sounds like one hell of a woman to have had the strength to write about such a tough life – I imagine her travels to some of those less stable parts of the world would had made for interesting reading.

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