A Hundred Small Lessons by Ashley Hay


Release Date: November 28, 2017

Elsie Gormly has lived in her home in Brisbane, Australia for over 60 years. She has fond memories of raising two children and of her deceased husband, Clem. One evening she has a bad fall and ends up in the hospital. She comes to the realization that she can no longer care for herself. Her children are supportive and move Elsie to an assisted living facility after selling her house. She spends most of her remaining time recounting all the wonderful memories accumulated in her beloved home.

Lucy Kiss and her family become the new owners of Elsie’s house. They are new to the area and Lucy is having difficulties adjusting to her new role as a mother. While cleaning the house, Lucy stumbles across photos left by Elsie, and becomes intrigued with images of her predecessor. While Lucy continues her struggles she finds Elsie’s existence to be comforting. This other person raised a wonderful family in this house – why can’t she do the same?

This book is about two women from different generations occupying the same home at different times. One is contemplating her future life while the other is left to reminisce about the past. This novel by Ashley Hay examines the deep complexities of raising a family.





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