Peregrine Island by Diane B. Saxton


Release Date: August 2, 2016

Winter Peregrine lives on an isolated private island with her daughter Elsie and granddaughter Peda off the coast of Connecticut. Winter and Elsie’s relationship is strained as they do not share personal information with each other. Elsie has never revealed the identity of Peda’s father and why he is not a part of their lives. They are all very different people who have gotten used to living separate lives in the same house.

This story is centered around a painting that has been in the family’s possession by a famous artist. All her life, Winter has been drawn to the painting and the people portrayed in it. The Getty Museum shows an interest in buying the piece and sends a team of experts to their home for an appraisal. The experts include the painter’s grandson and tensions build as they begin to question its’ authenticity. Many legitimate questions arise about the artist regarding his different styles and his untimely death. As this quiet appraisal turns into an investigation, the plot thickens. The motives of the appraisers are questioned and the Peregrine family members begin to unveil secrets about their past.

This is a beautifully written debut novel by Diane B. Saxton. The chapters alternate in the voices of each of the Peregrine family members. It is an intriguing book filled with elements of family dysfunction, romance, and mystery.

PEREGRINE ISLAND is the recipient of the following 7 literary awards:

2017 Winner of the New York City Big Book Award for Mystery
2017 Best Book Awards Finalist in General Fiction for Fiction, for Literary, and for Mystery & Suspense
2017 Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award for Regional Fiction: Northeast
2017 Distinguished Favorite in Literary Fiction by Independent Press Awards
2017 International Book Awards Finalist for Literary Fiction
2017 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist for Fiction
2017 Bronze Award for US Northeast Fiction from the Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards


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