Just Between Us by Rebecca Drake


Release Date: January 9, 2018

Four suburban moms outside of Pittsburgh form a friendship while their children attend the same school. Alison, Sarah, Julie, and Heather often get together for coffee after dropping off their children. One morning Alison becomes concerned about Heather after noticing a bruise on her arm. Heather claims that she bumped into something in her home. The other women soon become concerned that Heather is being abused when they spot more bruises on her body.

At first, Heather denies any physical abuse by her husband. Weeks later a troubling situation occurs at her home that sparks the women’s concern. Heather is very upset and reveals physical encounters with her husband. She confides that she cannot leave her marriage and is stuck due to financial reasons. The women continue to worry about her safety until one night when Heather calls for their help.

“Just Between Us” is about a rash decision testing the bonds of friendship. This was an entertaining, suspenseful book filled with twists and tension. This was the first novel that I read by Rebecca Drake.


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