Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict


Release Date: January 16, 2018

Clara Kelley leaves for America seeking employment to help her family in Ireland. She hopes that she will earn enough to keep her family from losing their farm. Her journey by ship was tough and many fell ill and died on the voyage. When she arrives at the dock she hears her name being called by a gentleman seeking a different Clara Kelley. Deciding to take a risk, she follows him to Pittsburgh to take a job as a lady’s maid.

Clara finds herself working in the home of the Carnegie family. She has no training or experience about the responsibilities of a lady’s maid. She learns her role quickly and becomes indispensable to Mrs. Carnegie. She keeps her true identity a secret and one day catches the eye of her employer’s son. He becomes interested in her advice and eventually, a romance starts to form.

I enjoyed Marie Benedict’s first novel, The Other Einstein, so I could not wait to read this book. This was an engaging historical fiction novel about individuals whose lives are dictated by social classes.


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