Match Made In Manhattan by Amanda Stauffer


Release Date: January 23, 2018

Alison has just broken up with her boyfriend. After two years of dating, he was unable to fully commit to her. Having been away from the dating scene, and with six months free on, she decides to re-enter New York City’s single scene.

While Alison seeks to improve her social life, her professional life starts to decay. Her job as an architectural conservator is put at risk when she starts to clash with her boss. She blows off steam by actively embracing online dating. Through Allison’s email exchanges we get an authentic look at the highs and lows of online correspondence. An example is Allison’s strict adherence to a “Pants On Policy” for her suitors. Through her experiences, Allison matures and starts to realize what really makes her happy.

As a baby boomer, I missed out on text messaging and dating apps. This was a fun read and helped me better relate to the current crop of millennials looking for love. This is Amanda Stauffer’s debut novel.

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