A Matter Of Chance by Julie Maloney


Release Date: April 10, 2018

Maddy Stewart, a single mother, is on vacation at the Jersey shore with her eight-year-old daughter Vinni. While walking along the beach she spots her elderly neighbors while the husband is having a medical emergency.  Maddy leaves her daughter with the wife to call for help. When she returns, both her daughter and the wife are gone.

Fixated on finding her daughter, Maddy starts her own investigation of her daughter’s disappearance. The local authorities won’t share their progress and she is warned repeatedly by the officers that she is hindering their progress. With every passing year, Maddie remains steadfast that her daughter is still alive.   

A Matter Of Chance is a debut novel by Julie Maloney. What makes this book stand out are the realistic and varying emotions conveyed by a mother dealing with her loss while clinging to a shred of hope. I look forward to a sequel to this story.


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