Dreams Of Falling by Karen White


Release Date: June 5, 2018

Larkin Lanier enjoys her life in New York City where she has lived for almost a decade.  One day she learns that her mother, Ivy, is missing. This forces her back to her hometown of Georgetown, South Carolina which she has avoided since high school. The trip back is awkward since she has had little contact with her family and friends.  She is greeted by her grandmother’s lifelong friends, CeeCee, and Bitty. These two women played a big role in raising Ivy after her grandmother’s untimely death.

Ivy is found unconscious and injured at the family’s plantation home which has been abandoned. Larkin wonders why her mother would venture out to this unusual location.  In the process of seeking answers, she begins to uncover many secrets about her family. While waiting for her mother’s health to improve, Larkin slowly reconnects with her childhood friends.

Dreams Of Falling is a vivid drama which explores complex relationships between lifelong friends. I enjoyed the way Karen White weaved together different time frames along multiple generations of women. This is my second review for this author and I look forward to her future works.


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