The Seasonaires by Janna King


Release Date: May 2, 2018

Being a “Seasonaire” is an aspirational summer job for twenty-year-old trendsetters. For the lucky six brand ambassadors, they will have the opportunity to represent the trendy Lyndon Wyld clothing line. They have to wear these designer fashion garments while attending exclusive events.  Their glamorous lives are broadcast to the world via social media where their sole responsibility is to promote the brand.

Mia is one of the chosen and is excited to spend her summer away from her modest roots in South Boston. Prior to her selection she worked in a thrift store and dreamed of designing her own clothing. Her excitement is diminished when she experiences cattiness among her fellow ambassadors.  Mia also grows to dislike the controlling owners who micromanage their lives. Their insulated lives begin to change when one of their exclusive parties takes a turn for the worse.

The Seasonaires is an interesting view of millennials balancing life and work. In this story, everyone must work through their daily dramas while the public weighs in from social media.  This debut novel by Janna King is being developed into a television series.

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